Quilt: Cheap Personalized Bible Covers

If you go to a library and ask a librarian what the natural causes of book decay are, the librarian will tell you that accumulating moss, book bugs, and exposure to moisture are the top book concerns. For this reason, librarians are always maintaining books and performing restoration jobs in order to keep rare books alive. The bible is not a rare book; in fact, there are over 3 billion copies of them worldwide. However, this does not make them immune to the illnesses that books are exposed to. Personalized bible covers are one solution to keeping them safe and protected.

Personalized Bible Protection

Even when there are over 3 billion bible copies made in the world, it should always be cared for and protected because it contains the Word of God. The passion and love for the Word of God is exemplified by Christians. As such, millions of personalized bible covers in the world are used to protect the paper and the pages of the bible. The bible has among the most fragile papers in books, owing to its relative thinness in paper density.

Quilt Covers, Easy to Personalize

Leather bible covers are the standard when people use bible protection. However, these luxury materials can be a little expensive, that is why some people are opting to use alternative materials like plastic, nylon, and quilt. However,some quilt bible covers cost about the same compared to other bible covers. They are light, easy to handle, and is safe for using with your bible. Quilt bible covers have many designs and patterns, but there are also quilt covers that you can request to be personalized.

There are personalized bible covers made from quilt, and these covers turn out to be creatively beautiful. You can ask the maker to embroider your favorite passage from the bible on the cover, or else put your name on the quilt to make personalized bible covers. It is very easy to make personalized bible covers out of quilt because the maker will only need to stitch on the text you want to include on the quilt.

Quilt Bible Covers, Sturdy, but not Weather Proof

Quilt is a material that is made from several layers of wool or cotton, or a combination of fibers. In many instances, quilt is a sandwiched layer of two sturdy fabrics placed on either side of a middle, softer, insulating layer. Quilt is usually embroidered with crafty designs and patchwork on top. It is a thick fabric that is usually used for bedding, but it is also used for other practical purposes like material for bags, jackets, blankets and even protection for bibles.

Overall, personalized bible covers made from quilt are very sturdy, and is very effective in protecting your bible from sudden changes in temperatures, which tend to ruin paper. Quilt bible covers are also very good at keeping your bible temperature constant. You can order your personalized bible covers online, and even make a request for the personalized item or text you want to inscribe on the cover. Quilted bible covers can be hard to find compared to other materials used to make bible covers. It may be more fun to find a local quilter to make you a custom bible cover! HOWEVER, check out our partners on the right side of the page. They do have quilted bible covers.